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    Director: Alexandre Aja
    Genres: , , ,
    Year Released: 2019
    Metacritic Rating: /10
    Mediocre Movies Rating: 5 / 7 Gator Bites


    There’s something about the combination of killer animals and natural disasters that really grabs in me in. I went into this film expecting a B-Grade horror film, but was pleasantly surprised. Filmed almost entirely in a basement with two core actors, you know the story and the acting have to be good in order to keep you entertained. I can say this film succeeded. Hayley (Kaya Scodelario), Dad (Barry Pepper) and doggo Sugar must work together to escape from the confined basement against two big ‘gators. You’ll follow them through plenty of problem solving and feel as if you are down there with them trying to escape.

    How is it mediocre? You’ll find yourself saying – why the hell didn’t you do that! Or shoulda grabbed this! While flailing your arms madly at the screen. But getting past that, you’ll find a lot of cool severed limbs, chunks of skin (if you’re into that kind of thing) and almost-made-it moments which will keep you on the edge of you seat.

    Watch this mediocre film if… you need a bit of realistic blood and gore in your life to help you forget about what ever other emotion you’re feeling. If you’re hungover and feeling queasy I’d avoid this one because of the jump scenes and general grossness. So this one is recommended for those who are feeling up to the journey with this epic father daughter team.

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