Happy Death Day

The important dets:
Director: Christopher Landon
Genres: , , , ,
Year Released: 2017
Metacritic Rating: 6/10
Mediocre Movies Rating: 8 / 16 Brutal Murders


American Horror Story, meets Groundhog Day, meets classic teenage film about bitches.

Tree (Jessica Roth) is your typical bad girl,  she turns her nose up at almost everyone and scoffs at you just for breathing. She wakes on her birthday and like every other day walks through the day with a vengeance for life. But as the movie so suggests, this particular she brutally dies. Hooray!

The problem for Tree is that when she dies, she wakes to the exact same day and has to live it over, and over, and over… and over. The new goal for her is to find her murderer and stop them so perhaps she can break the cycle.

This film is a concept I feel has been done a few times, however the cute part about this story is more so on the personal transformation of Tree. We find that there is a little more to her than meets the eye, and thus you end up sympathising with her scenario.

Watch this mediocre movie if… you love a good chick flick and have a free afternoon with your girlfriends. You’ll be entertained and spend the movie pointing at all the characters and debating on who the killer is. Grab your wine, bickies and cheese and settle in for an afternoon with the gals.


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