Horrible Bosses

The important dets:
Director: Seth Gordon
Genres: ,
Year Released: 2011
Metacritic Rating: 6.2/10
Mediocre Movies Rating: 3 / 4 Worlds Worst Boss Mugs


You ever just want to walk into work, pour a hot cup of coffee and then “accidentally” spill it all over your bosses brand new white Lacoste shoes? Well yeah, Kurt, Dale and Nick experience this too, working with the most uncomfortable bosses imaginable. Nick’s boss is a merciless corporate, Dale’s wants to bang on the dentist chair, and Kurt’s new boss is simply a douce bag.

Eventually the feelings of small fuck-you’s turn into big ones and the friends jokingly come to the conclusion that it would be easier to live without them. This idea quickly escalates into a Kim Kardashian level over reaction when they decide to kill each others bosses. The problem greater than the murder itself is that they are so innocent of committing any crime and neither of them know where to start.. Luckily “Motherfucker Jones”, murder consultant, is there for advice.

And as quickly as Jennifer Aniston can say “blow me”, the guys are onto the greatest, or perhaps worst plan of all time.

Watch this mediocre move if… you hate your boss, or just in the mood for some revenge. There’s a 99% percent chance you’ll actually deliver more than a ‘huh’ under your breath, as you laugh out loud to some of the most outrageous scenes. Grab a beer and the crisps, and sit back for a fun night with the horniest Jenifer Aniston you’ll ever meet.