The important dets:
Director: Rob Savage
Year Released: 2020
Metacritic Rating: 7.3/10
Mediocre Movies Rating: 6/10 Astral planes


Host is based in 2021, and just like in real life, a global pandemic has taken the world by surprise. We are all feeling rough for one reason or another. But, if you’re anything like me online meetings are one aspect of the pandemic that has drained your soul. As much as I love being corporate on the top and party on the bottom, I’d happily throw Zoom in the bin for the day.

And perhaps that’s the scariest part of this film. It was a film that was shot in the midst of 2020, and we’re still having to Zoom a year later. Will it ever end, I’m not sure.

Enough of the rant, and onto the film. Six friends come together for a seance, and along the way you can only guess what happens. This film shows it’s the audience, that Wutang Clan aren’t the only people to f*ck with. One of the friends accidentally disrespects the paranormal world and kicks off a series of unfortunate events that each friend must face.

When you accidentally “Host” a demon.

Watch this mediocre movie if… honestly, if you just want to watch a somewhat relatable, 2020 horror film OR you have run out of Zoom Party ideas with friends. As much as it creeped me out, I’d love to give something like this a go. Are you brave enough to do so too?