The Ritual

The important dets:
Director: David Bruckner
Genres: , , ,
Year Released: 2017
Metacritic Rating: 6/10
Mediocre Movies Rating: 3 / 5 Sacrificial Symbols


Mediocre Movies Presents…

Like many terrible thrillers, this one starts with a murder. Shaken by the events, four friends hike the forests of Sweden in honour of their lost friend. As a continuation of the rocky start, a member of the group trips to an injury. They decide to take an alternate route through the forest in an attempt to shorten the trip and alleviate any unnecessary pain.

And is with the road less travelled, things start to get far from reality. Odd omens and symbols await them in the forest, followed by hallucinations and unlikely actions. In the last 30 minutes, all is explained as the boys discover the reasons behind the unusual happenings.

Watch this mediocre movie if… you are a sucker for horror/thrillers and have a spare 1.5 hours up your sleeve. This film is so not so bad that you would give it a pass, but it certainly is no life-changer. If you are anything like me and actually find ‘scary’ scenes funny, then you’ll also experience a few laugh out loud moments.