The Joys of Mediocre Movies

Welcome to a website that revels in all that is cinematically average. While cool kids ironically watch terrible movies and chortle and cinephiles view overlooked films in dark basements, we scrutinise the most mediocre films the world has ever known.

This site was created when Kim, average-film aficionado, simply could not summon the brainpower to watch a blockbuster film but also didn’t want to waste her time on something that permanently rolled her eyes back. Thus, Mediocre Movies was formed. These films are most rated between 4-6 out of 10, or by the opinion of Kim.

Films are not sorted by genre (BORING) but rather by scenario or emotion. Enjoy.

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Prisoners of the Ghostland

Our Rating:
1/2 Explosive Testicles

I turned to my housemate at the end of this film, and just said. WHAT DID YOU SHOW ME? If I could, I would stop...


Our Rating:
6/10 Astral planes


Our Rating:
10 / 15 Unsane Inmates


Our Rating:
1 / 3 Psychopathic Friends

Most Viewed
By You

War Machine

Our Rating:
3 / 4 Wars Not Won

Greg McMahon (Brad Pitt), seasoned General and recognised for effective leadership in the Iraq war is sent to Afghanistan to end an ongoing war...

Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Our Rating:
3/5 Clone Armies


Our Rating:
43 / 102 Bugs

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Our Rating:
1 / 2 Hairy Balls