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Murder Mystery

Mediocre Movies Rating:
3 / 10 Cluedo Pieces
Were you the master of finding out that Professor Plum, made the murder in the Dining Room with the Candlestick? Well this is basically...


Mediocre Movies Rating:
3/8 Flailing Tentacles
In a very unusual step for Hollywood, the Spike Lee helmed Oldboy remake of it's Korean alternative is a perfect example of how great...

Happy Death Day

Mediocre Movies Rating:
8 / 16 Brutal Murders
American Horror Story, meets Groundhog Day, meets classic teenage film about bitches. Tree (Jessica Roth) is your typical bad girl,  she turns her nose up...

Escape Plan

Mediocre Movies Rating:
3 / 6 Contraband Items
Two of the Expendables come together for the biggest heist of 2013. Personally I'm a big fan of this one despite it having some...